Chinkee Tan teaches homeschoolers on financial realizations during quarantine

“Pambansang Wealth Coach” Chinkee Tan went live on Facebook for the first Online Philippine Homeschool Conference to share about financial realizations during the community quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.

The Chink Positive motivational speaker joined fellow homeschooling parents like former University of the Philippines Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan in the week-long “homeference” that had both speakers and audiences participating from their homes.

In his talk, Chinkee Tan shared insights about finances during the public health crisis as well as principles and practical tips on how to prepare financially in the “new normal” when the lockdown is lifted.

Tan and his wife have been homeschooling parents for 14 years and have been working from home for 8 years.

Tan also addressed audience questions such as how to prepare a budget for homeschooling needs, tips from his experience about homeschooling, and the blessings of homeschooling with more time spent with family, less time required to travel, and avoiding traffic to and from school.

Chinkee Tan’s key points shared on the Online Philippine Homeschool Conference are:

1. The Importance of Having an Emergency Fund

2. The Importance of Having a Secondary Income

3. The Importance of Having a Passive Income

4. The Importance of Creating a Spending Budget

5. The Importance of Being Financially Educated and Prepared

6. The Importance of Being Frugal

7. The Importance of Living in Simplicity

8. The Importance of Helping Others

9. The Importance of Starting All Over Again

10. The Importance of Having God in the Center of Our Lives

WATCH the video in this link to learn more about Chinkee Tan’s financial realizations during the lockdown.

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