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Being a DJ…

The art of DJing hasn’t changed, just the interpretation of it has amidst all the EDM hype. This topic has been floating around for a while but still something I wanted to tackle in an Op-Ed as I’m rather precious … Continue reading

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Best Anti Virus for Server 2003 or 2008

Hello everybody! Could you guys please tell me which is the best antivirus to run on a Windows server 2003? Or what is the best protection for a data server? PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance,

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Google dumps Windows

Google said it was dumping microsoft windows on all its computers in the company, and switching to Apple and Linux, simply because Windows was not secure; the switch came specifically because Chinese hackers broke into Google machines.

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Windows, Mac or Ubuntu?

I have seen at lease a few hundred articles on the web; pro-Windows, anti-Windows, pro-open-source, anti-open source, pro-mac, anti-mac. I guess the question I have in mind, is why do people not take the leap into an operating system like … Continue reading

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Real Competitor of Google Chrome OS is NOT Microsoft but Ubuntu

By this time, everyone knows that Google’s announcement to roll out their own operating system that will compete with Microsoft Windows head on. Unlike Windows, Google Chrome OS will be open source and doest not cost anything for people to … Continue reading

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Linux Adaptation Problem

I’ve been reading of the many lamentations of writers touting the lack of Linux adaptation on the desktop. Most of it I view as whining, but still I’ll entertain your arguments… 1. Can’t install Windows applications on Linux: Code weavers … Continue reading

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A Computer Specialist or Generalist

There was a time in the I.T field when specializing in one area was ideal. For example an e-mail administrator only had to manage his or her mail server all day, and a router administrator only looked after the router, … Continue reading

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I.T. Department Weighed Down

Many, I.T. departments are working over-time to pick up the slack from lay-offs and staff reduction. I myself have taken over the phone systems and the time-clocks, and I’ve taken back over the Cisco routers and firewalls. To my surprise … Continue reading

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Social Networking Pandemic

Social Networking sites are like STDs, or STDs are like Social Networking sites. Once you agree to accept someone into your site, you also accept everyone that person has ever been with, I mean accepted. There is: FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, … Continue reading

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